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#910: Awakenings

#910: Awakenings published on No Comments on #910: Awakenings

Mike: So I’ve been trying to 100% Red Dead Redemption 2, but I keep moving the finish line. First it was complete all side missions, then complete the compendium, now I am one trophy away from having all of the single player trophies (Gold rank for 70 missions). Yet I keep thinking “should I go for all multiplayer trophies?” I’m hesitant because boy, that is a commitment.

Nathan:  So I keep trying to play video games, and then a kid decides they want to play with me, or I need to take out the dog, or the cat gets in my face.  So then I feel happy if I get to play five minutes of playing Candy Crush a day and consider myself lucky.  This is your future Mike.

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