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#826: To Future Memories

#826: To Future Memories published on No Comments on #826: To Future Memories

Well I’ve been doing a re-watch of the MCU films and decided as part of it I decided to catch up on the Marvel shows I’ve been putting off.

The Punisher – I dragged my feet to start this series and took a hiatus. I just don’t want these Netflix series to end and didn’t want to be left with nothing to look forward to. But I got through it, I really like this show. What could have been an easy mindless action show creates character with real depths. They manage to make a villain from the previous season incredibly sympathetic while still being an evil bastard, no small feet. And that’s in part due to the incredible acting, every actor brings their A-game. While some of the exposition about the moral debates are simplistic and could have been written better, this still an outstanding series. I also appreciate that we weren’t left with a cliff hanger like Luke Cage or Iron Fist. That helps in letting go.

Runaways – I remember everyone going nuts when this comic came out so I was excited to finally get to experience the material. It’s also one of those cases that perfect for tv because I can’t really picture any of these character interacting with the films. Just seeing a tiny corner of this world.  I only finished the first season, maybe I can finish the rest before endgame. This show is pretty well done though there are occasionally leaps in character’s logic. The narrative can be a mess at times lacking a consistent flow to the story. The acting is good, sometimes the performance falls flat, still they make every character feel real and three dimensional. The mystery has me engage. The biggest complaint I have is the action, this is first and foremost a drama and it handles that very well. But falls flat when it comes to action, it feels like the directors have no real experience with directing specially when it comes to special effects. It feels like the actors are given very little direction and they just expect that the special effects will make up for it and that’s not really how that works. Still I like it enough to go on to season 2.

Cloak and Dagger – This was a show I found really interesting when it was announced. I remember talking to a former co-worker about the MCU and he said it’s tough to get excited because he knew they’d never adapt his favorite characters. When I told they actually were make them into a show, his eyes lit up. This show is incredible well directed and edited, I was really surprised how they told the story and it was really interesting and engaging. The effects are great and the acting is very solid… save for the guy who plays Tyrone (Cloak) he is very monotone in every line he delivers. The guy needs an acting coach. Beside that I’m really digging it.


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