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#70: The B

#70: The B published on 1 Comment on #70: The B

Mike: One of the happiest day in my life was when I turned in the last paper I will ever write. The first lines in Ed’s is actually from my last paper. I hate writing papers it just seems so pointless and unnecessary specially given the fact that I was a digital art major. And I never could get the motivation to write one until the last minute and what’s worse is I would actually get better grades. Which only justify my waiting so long I risk potential failure. Once wrote a 10 page psychology term paper in one night, got an 89%. One thing I will never miss from school, fucking papers.

James: I once had a class where the teacher asked us to write one paper per week and send it in via e-mail. We never got any grades and each class only lasted 10 minutes, attendance and a quick overview of that week’s assignment. No discussion, no grades, no effort on his part or ours. At the end of the semester he revealed, to the surprise of absolutely no one, that he hadn’t read a single one of our assignments and our grade would be based on attendance and how many of the papers we decided to turn in. I got the easiest A in the history of ever and was the envy of my friends who had to go to real classes that semester.

I still don’t know if he was the best or worst teacher I’ve ever had.

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My last minute paper experience was for a Human Development course where I waited till the last minute, used research off of abstracts that I found in the library computer, and it turned out to be three pages. That’s it. Some people wrote about 20 pages, cause this was a term paper mind you, not a simple everyday type of paper. I had backed it up with a four page biblography. Got a 95 on it. The only thing the teacher really wanted was a good old biblography at the end. She didn’t actually read anyone’s paper.

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