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#373: Agents of Snore

#373: Agents of Snore published on No Comments on #373: Agents of Snore

Mike: Agents of SHIELD started off so good, I loved that first episode. The characters were fun, the plot was interesting, and the effects were great. Unfortunately the series had fallen in quality. The character interactions became a bit boring, the villains aren’t engaging at all, the plots are pretty much who-gives-a-shit, and the lead-ins to the mysteries aren’t nearly as subtle as they should be. The mysteries are referenced to… a lot, way more than they need to be. This draws our attention away from the stand alone stories and can very easily make the reveals themselves seem underwhelming. It’s a bunch of little things that adds up to hurt the series and as awesome as Clark Gregg is as Coulson, it’s not enough to carry the show. You get the feeling if Joss Whedon was more involved he would have brought that extra little spark that would make this show amazing. Really the writers and directors need to focus on making the character’s chemistry as fun as they were in the pilot, bring in some great actors to play cool villains, and focus on the challenges the team of super spies face rather than the mysteries and references to the MARVEL universe. As it stands I still like this show, but would not be sadden to see it cancelled. I just hope they can change that.

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