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#31: Buy American

#31: Buy American published on No Comments on #31: Buy American

Mike: I’m not really a big fan of Manga, mainly due to backwards reading. But I enjoyed a few animes based off mangas. One thing I really like is that most stories I know of, have endings or intends to end the story rationally. While it’s comforting to know Spider-man will always have stories, indefinite on-going presents it’s own problems, specially when it becoming a TV show. Because they try to last as long as possible and in the end we get something incredibly low quality that just falls apart rather than end. It’s always nice to get a conclusion.

James: I love manga. I read almost as many Japanese comics as American comics. In fact, one of my favorite series, Fullmetal Alchemist, just ended. It was a beautiful ending to a fantastic series and I’m looking forward to Mrs. Arakawa’s next project.

As far as this strip and the last one, I know there are plenty of women read superhero comics and regularly visit comic shops. Don’t yell at me. I’m a simple man making simple jokes.

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