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#148: JJJ Was Right

#148: JJJ Was Right published on No Comments on #148: JJJ Was Right

Mike: So he is a Menace!

Anyway I finally read Justice League #1 and I pretty much agree with James.  It was really short and felt like the first quarter of a premiere episode for a new TV show. Seems like the team is going to form very quickly, I just hope they don’t bring out the villain they’re hinting at anytime soon. Could make for a great build up and after a few years have an epic event. Also seeing one of the worst redesigns looking great here, really helped ease my mind about the reboot. I just hope DC doesn’t screw this up for a good long while.

PS Drawing the web on Spider-man’s suit SUCKS.

James: Inspired, of course, by Polish Spider-Man. And just to keep Mike on his toes I have NEW reviews. I picked up Batgirl #1, Detective #1, Action #1, and Green Arrow #1. And I loved 3 of them. Let’s do this as a new blog series, shall we? Scroll down for nU Reviews.

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