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#261: Jesus Helps Those That Help Themselves

#261: Jesus Helps Those That Help Themselves published on No Comments on #261: Jesus Helps Those That Help Themselves

Mike: In case you didn’t know we have Alt tags here at LCS. Those are lines of text that appear when you hover your mouse over the comic image. James usually puts an extra joke or comment there that’s always quite funny. Why haven’t I mentioned this before? Well I always considered them easter eggs, but after the last plugin update screwed a lot of stuff up and they were lost. So I went through a backup document that had 28328 lines of code, copying and pasting 240+ alt tags that were lost. As well as reorganizing chapter and character tags. To put it bluntly, READ THE ALT TAGS AND CLICK ON OUR ADS! Because I did a lot of tedious crap to put them back.

James: Wow. All I did was make a Jesus joke. Now I feel lazy.

Well, lazier.

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