Ch. 14 – Merry Christmas Nathan Houde

Nathan Houde writes a Christmas story!

#175: Lord Sir Hugs-a-lot

#175: Lord Sir Hugs-a-lot published on No Comments on #175: Lord Sir Hugs-a-lot

Mike: I think Lord Sir Hugs-a-lot will be a reoccurring character for a long time. And yes that is a candy cane in his beard. Nathan: Jesus and Santa appearing in a Christmas comic.  Take that James. James: Bested at my own game!!!

#177: Aftermath

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Mike: … wait a minute. I just realize, James hasn’t done crap all month. Next time we are definitely getting a guest artist. James: Sucker. Nathan: The best advice so far, “Don’t worry about the baby thing, it will be a piece of piss, besides, you got no choice in the matter.  You get on… Continue reading #177: Aftermath