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#813: One of Life’s Great Mysteries

#813: One of Life’s Great Mysteries published on No Comments on #813: One of Life’s Great Mysteries

Captain Marvel was really great. Not anything life changing but still a good deal of fun. I remember for a while wondering why Ms Marvel wasn’t a bigger character, she’s basically has Dragonball Z powers so it always struck me as odd. Then when she got re-branded as Captain Marvel she exploded in popularity nice to see the character finally get to shine. When Avengers came out I knew the next three franchises would be Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. I knew Ant-man was coming, Guardians was a surprise, and Spider-man wasn’t even on the table. Still, it’s nice to see my prediction finally come to fruition.

NOW, we’re in the Endgame.

#812: Eh, It’s a Livin’

#812: Eh, It’s a Livin’ published on No Comments on #812: Eh, It’s a Livin’

So the trailers for Captain Marvel didn’t excite me which is actually good because I haven’t felt the need to see every footage released, some I’m going in relatively fresh. It’s also weird that both DC and Marvel are releasing a Captain Marvel film in the same year. The odds of either of these heroes getting a film ten years ago were slim at best. It’s like quicksilver appearing in both X-men and Avengers in the same year. Just really odd how this all worked out.

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