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#963: I See Where This is Going

#963: I See Where This is Going published on No Comments on #963: I See Where This is Going

So Cartoon Network canceled The Venture Bros. I gotta say I’m surprised it lasted this long considering it’s only had 8 seasons in like 14 years. Still though I am baffled why they don”t give it a final season. This is one of those shows that should never be canceled but rather just have an ending. From marketing a “final season” could draw in so many viewers, it’s like leaving money on the table.

#961: Last Call

#961: Last Call published on No Comments on #961: Last Call

Oh the callbacks.

I always pictured Mickey as being very shy and nervous when it comes to putting herself out there, because really she’s never had to put herself out there. She’s had guys fawn all over her growing up and there two sexual experiences she’s had before were initiated by others (Erin and Annie). So it’s new territory for her, plus the fact that Simone is just as nervous puts them both on edge.

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