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#107: Coordination Is Overrated Anyway

#107: Coordination Is Overrated Anyway published on No Comments on #107: Coordination Is Overrated Anyway

Mike: I’m not big on traveling myself. I always find being stuck in a car or plane for hours to be exhausting, plus I never really cared for seeing “new sights” or whatever. I specially don’t like traveling on vacation cause it feels like I never get a chance to just relax which is all I want in a vacation. Though my lack or steady work cause my life to be a vacation my feelings still stand.

James: Went to the White Sox home opener today. Froze my testicles off and still managed to have a damn good time. That doesn’t really have anything to do with this strip, but whatever.

Go Sox.

#106: Ten And Two

#106: Ten And Two published on No Comments on #106: Ten And Two

Mike: So surprise! Friday’s comic was an April Fools gag. I doubt anyone got fooled by it but I thought it would be fun to try an replicate O’Malley’s art which turn out to be a much more difficult than I expected thus we got a page that was highly traced and looking at references so hard I might as well have traced them. But I still got a kick out of making it and I hope you all enjoyed it.

James: I did think it was odd that Mickey seemed to have dated Envy Adams at some point in the past…

Guest Comic: Bryan Lee O’Malley!!!

Guest Comic: Bryan Lee O’Malley!!! published on No Comments on Guest Comic: Bryan Lee O’Malley!!!

Mike: Yes you read that right folks, Bryan Lee O’Malley the creator of Scott Pilgrim has done a comic for us!!! I have no idea how he even found our site but apparently here’s a fan!? So he sent me a doodle he did for fun so I decided to ink it and put it up. You have no idea the joy I feel in my heart to see this.

James: I’m a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim. Like crazy huge. So needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed when Mike showed me this. Pretty effin cool, huh? We’re hitting the big time now, y’all.

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