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#912: You Can Watch Too Much?

#912: You Can Watch Too Much? published on No Comments on #912: You Can Watch Too Much?

Mike: And so ends Houde’s arc, but don’t look so glum chum. For Houde shall have one final arc before this webcomic ends. Prepare yourselves for the near future we will explore the mysterious origins of Sir Hug-a-lot!

Nathan: Thank you all, and stay healthy.

#910: Awakenings

#910: Awakenings published on No Comments on #910: Awakenings

Mike: So I’ve been trying to 100% Red Dead Redemption 2, but I keep moving the finish line. First it was complete all side missions, then complete the compendium, now I am one trophy away from having all of the single player trophies (Gold rank for 70 missions). Yet I keep thinking “should I go for all multiplayer trophies?” I’m hesitant because boy, that is a commitment.

Nathan:  So I keep trying to play video games, and then a kid decides they want to play with me, or I need to take out the dog, or the cat gets in my face.  So then I feel happy if I get to play five minutes of playing Candy Crush a day and consider myself lucky.  This is your future Mike.

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