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Fantasy vs Reality

Fantasy vs Reality published on 1 Comment on Fantasy vs Reality

There has been a ton of snow and I had to shovel quite a bit. As you may notice by my self portrait here my hair has gotten quite long. When the pandemic started I thought “I’ll wait till it blows over to cut my hair. You know just see how long it will get” no realizing that year later we’d still be here. Right now it’s just long enough to get it in a hair tie though it doesn’t quite all stay in it. I let my beard grow until about September. It grew to just about my clavicle when I first trimmed it and it looked okay. I actually kind of like how my hair looks now but maybe that’s just because it doesn’t look like I’m loosing it anymore.

Now when it comes time to cut it I’m thinking I will either go find a good hair stylist and just say “make me look sexy” and see how that looks. Or I will just shave it all off, go from one extreme to another.

Filler: Load Error

Filler: Load Error published on No Comments on Filler: Load Error

Sorry for the filler it’s been another long day, I really want to get back to the actual story soon. Also I enjoyed WandaVision so far even if the over arcing plot feels very slow it was nice to see a classic sitcom. I rarely watch much TV now so there was a surprisingly lot of comfort in that old style sitcom. It was nice.

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