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X-Men Saves the Day!

X-Men Saves the Day! published on No Comments on X-Men Saves the Day!

Mike: Basically it, a tiny bone where it shouldn’t be messing shit up. Doctor said I can pretty much start drawing again just let “pain be my guide” on when I should stop. I’d like to take another week off or take it slow since there it still swelling and pain. But hopefully I’ll be ready to draw on the regular soon.

Also I saw X-Men: Apocalypse and it was pretty great. Some parts weren’t as great, Apocalypse himself was bit lack luster, but still not bad. It had a lot of fun fan service moments which I won’t spoil here, but was certainly a treat to see on screen. It definitely felt the most like an actual X-men comic than previous films which made it really enjoyable to me. Definitely worth checking out.

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