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Neil: Secret Agent! Part 23

Neil: Secret Agent! Part 23 published on No Comments on Neil: Secret Agent! Part 23

So it finally happened, Supernatural finally ended. I’m honestly surprised it lasted so long. Feels like the type of should that should have lost stream well before a season 10, but to make it to 15 seasons is incredible. I never saw interest in the show when it started, only knew it from commercials, hard to believe I was still in high school when it began. But I really got into it with seasons 4 and 5. I kind of fell off after season 6 but kept up with the occasional episode and clips online. I would definitely recommend checking it if you’re looking for something, it has a perfect mix of horror, action, mystery, and comedy. Specially if you’re not that big into horror like I am, tt doesn’t stray too far into any one direction. It also has some of the best world building and lore consistency I’ve seen on tv, they pull from so many mythologies but it all works so well together. All that’s left to say is… Carry on.


Click here to skip the filler arc to page #976 in the main story

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