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#995: Interview

#995: Interview published on 1 Comment on #995: Interview

The last dialog balloon purposefully runs of the page, that’s not a mistake.

I would like to mention that I intentionally want to leave the “Editor-in-Chief’s” name and company vague but he is visually based on a real comic book writer. James Tynion IV, someone who has been writing for Batman (seriously, BATMAN) and just had is comic “The Department of Truth” optioned for a movie. Before all that he was just another member on the same web forum where Houde, James (the other James), and I use to post. The site led directly to the creation of this webcomic and it seemed fitting to have him usher Beck to his dream job. Every time I see James’ name on a cover I can’t help but smile with a mixture of joy and jealousy thinking “I kind of, sort of know that guy!” He is incredibly talented and if you haven’t already you should check out his work.

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I figured that’s who you were going for when I first saw the character. He has written some great stuff and I always try to support him by buying a comic here and there, but it’s good to know he doesn’t really need it. Meet him at the Chicago Con years ago, and to think now he goes to these cons and works the other side of the table is great.

By the way, whether it’s intentional or not, the pic on your menus looks hilarious in that last panel.

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