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#904: Late night baby talk

#904: Late night baby talk published on No Comments on #904: Late night baby talk

Mike: Wise words from an actual father.

Nathan:  You’d be surprised at how much you are capable of doing when you get thrown into the deep end.  That was me, when I found out I was having a kid, and only had five months to prepare for it.  Let me tell you, NOTHING prepares you for it.  And you will either sink or swim.  If you start sinking, find help, easy enough to do, you ain’t the first person to have problems taking care of a kid.  If you are swimming, be ready, kids change like the tide, and a new problem if coming your way soon, and you have to be ready for it.  But they are completely worth it.  Especially when they smile at you.  See Mike, I’m not just wordy in my scripts, in life as well.

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