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#892: Not So High

#892: Not So High published on No Comments on #892: Not So High

This page is somewhat based on a true story. I’ve never smoked pot for a multitude of reasons, mostly because I find the smell so unappealing and never wanted to worry about passing a drug screening. If it becomes legal in my area I’ll give it a try but really nothing really draws me to it. So in college I was hanging out with a group of friends who were all smoking quite a bit, my one friend apologize because he knows I didn’t smoke and he was certain I had a contact high. I had to assure him multiple times that I didn’t feel high or different at all. He had the most confused look on his face because he could not fathom that all the time I spent with them smoking ,that I didn’t get high. He looked like his mind broke in that moment. And given that Vicodin did nothing for my pain when I was prescribe it, I wonder if I have some sort of lame immunity to these kinds of drugs.


Anyway, stay in school kids.

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