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#891: Smoke’em If You Got’em

#891: Smoke’em If You Got’em published on 2 Comments on #891: Smoke’em If You Got’em

I got the most random and bizarre email of my life. Please read:

Do you still have any of the puppets, props or set pieces from the tv series you worked on “Celebrity Deathmatch”? My name is [REDACTED], I’m a movie/tv prop collector from the Boston, MA area. I’m a huge fan of that series an would love to buy some puppets from it for my collection. I’m sure your very busy so whenever you could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you !”

So I should state, I never worked on Celebrity Deathmatch nor do I own any props or puppets from said show. I was around 12 when it was on the air. I have no idea how this guy got my email or what led him to think I was apart of the show. I wrote back to him hoping to find out the mystery here because I am fascinated.


Interesting, I meant to do a google search. Still there are a ton of people with that name, did he just send the same message to everyone who had that name in their email? One mystery solved and another presents itself.

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