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#690: InHumane

#690: InHumane published on No Comments on #690: InHumane

Mike: I was hoping Inhumans would be good, I like ABC going for a limited series model and the hook of filming in IMAX really intrigue me. But all the reviews and opinions I’ve seen has ranged from “meh” to god awful. I still have hope it will be at least enjoyable but not much. Looks like this might be the first truly bad product to come out of the MCU, which really saddens me because the MCU has been pretty synonymous with good quality. A few things have test that idea but this sounds like the one to really break the streak. I hope in the future Marvel Television and ABC will learn the value of stepping up your game and really thinking this through. Focus on creating a quality product. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Inhumans so I’m not upset, still it’s a property I feel you can have a lot of fun with and probably deserve better. Still willing to check it out and give it the benefit of the doubt, so we’ll see.

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