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#611: Jesus is my Wingman

#611: Jesus is my Wingman published on No Comments on #611: Jesus is my Wingman

Mike: Doctor Strange was awesome. Marvel continually amazes me with how well they capture the comic and the visual is Strange is incredible. I could not imagine how the visual effects teams were able to compile them. My only compliant with the film is that the pacing was too fast. I wish the film was longer so we can have more breathing room.

Saw the Wonder Woman trailer there, still feeling underwhelmed by it. I think DC’s movie failures just takes away any excitement that I could have. Also still feel the trailers aren’t well cut. I want this film to be good but I just have no faith.

Been enjoying Agents of Shield. The Inhuman/watchdog story line is pretty lame but Ghost Rider is awesome. The last episode had a great cameo that had me giddy.

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