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#480: Goddammit Vin Diesel

#480: Goddammit Vin Diesel published on No Comments on #480: Goddammit Vin Diesel

Mike: The less you give him the better Vin Diesel is.

So it should come to no surprise to anyone that I freaking love Age of Ultron. While this first Avengers was really great this movie felt more like the average Avengers story you’d read in the comic. Ultron was great and really unique to any villain we’ve seen before. Loved the Maximoff twins. I wasn’t sure about Elizabeth Olsen going into the film, having never seen her in anything before, but by the end of the film she won me over. Quicksilver was great, I felt they did the character better justice that Days of Future Past. While that portrayal wasn’t bad it felt more driven by the powers than the character himself (plus they took the whole Quicksilver thing I tad too literally). The action was amazing, as oppose to the previous Avengers film where each character kind of went in their own direction, here they function as a team. Interacting and setting up each others knock outs. I there’s one slow-mo shot towards the end with the entire team and its just like: This is it, this is the Avengers. Another thing I want to point is how well these movie handle destruction. No matter how big the action is they always are more concerned with saving as many civilians as possible. It not something brushed aside like for example Man of Steel, where in it seems to be only about stopping the bad guy and saving the girl. It should be about protecting lives at all costs, not just the main cast.

My only complaint for the film was that it moved a bit fast, the pacing never really let up. As a result it felt like characters such as the Hulk and the Vision didn’t get enough screen time for character development. Not that they felt shoehorned in or forgotten, or anything like that, I just wish we got a bit more but was cut for time. And hey if any super hero film should have a 3 hour screen time it’s an Avengers film. Also the love story, while well written and well preform, felt a bit forced. Plus no post credit scenes makes me sad. Honestly those are just minor complaints from such a great film. Onward to Ant-man and onwards to Civil War.

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