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#33: I Spit On Your Grave

#33: I Spit On Your Grave published on No Comments on #33: I Spit On Your Grave

Mike: I checked Wikipedia to see what I Spit on Your Grave was needless to say I count myself lucky for not watching it.

James: This is another case of simply recording events from my past rather than engaging my creativity. A couple years ago one of my friend rented this movie with exactly this rationale and we spent the next 100 minutes staring at the screen in abject terror. In case you, like my friend, don’t know anything about I Spit on Your Grave let me save you the trip to Wikipedia. It is the preeminent Rape & Revenge movie of the 70’s. Yes, apparently there was a whole genre dedicated to graphic rape scenes followed by graphic revenge scenes. What the fuck, the 70’s?!

I guess the message here is to READ THE BACK OF THE CASE BEFORE RENTING A MOVIE.

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