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#20: Back on the Horse

#20: Back on the Horse published on No Comments on #20: Back on the Horse

Mike: So apparently in High School on May 4th, 2005 my senior year our school had a thing where we would write a letter to ourselves and it would be delivered five years from then. I had received this letter while drawing this comic. So lets reveal some highlights: “Dear my future, now present, self, How’s it hangin’? Hope all is well in the now present future.” (I refer to and from myself using as many time tenses as possible) “So do I think this is just as stupid to write in the now present?” (yes) Now usually when I’m forced to write something like this I tend to just write the first thing on my mind, one of these horribly depressed me, “I also hope Spider-man 3 would be wicked sweet as expected” Oh young me, so full of hope…

Overall this really doesn’t amaze me or fill me with nostalgic feelings. I do chuckle at my sense of humor and the random tidbits I threw in, but overall I still know my personality has not changed in the past decade, I’m just a little wiser and a lot older. The only thing this made me go “wow” was remember I am now living at the time when the United States has a black present, something I would not expect seeing until I was much older. In fact saying that we have a black president still brings a smile to my face. So even though I haven’t change and probably won’t change that much five years from now. It still gives my hope that the future may be just a little bit better.

James: I didn’t write myself a letter 5 years ago. So I don’t have much to add.

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