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#128: Where’s The Rage, Fanboy?

#128: Where’s The Rage, Fanboy? published on No Comments on #128: Where’s The Rage, Fanboy?

Mike: I plan on writing a length blog post about rebooting but for now the only this I can say about DC’s plans is: Unnecessary. In other news I’ve added Gravatars to the comment section. If you’re unfamiliar Gravatars stands for “Globablly Recognized Avatars” and means when you sign up there you can upload an avatar than any site/blog that uses it all you have to do is enter the same e-mail address and the icon will appear.

James: Whether you believe this reboot will be a huge success or a miserable flop you can’t deny the BALLS it takes to do something like this. It is going to be a fascinating thing to watch from the sidelines. I’m also preparing a blog about this situation and I expect mine will be a tad more optimistic than Mike’s.

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