Ch. 4 – Girls and Comics

What happens when a girl walks into a comic book shop? Spoiler, nothing cause it happens everyday.

#30: A Girl!

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Mike: Man this was a big one, my hand is practically falling off after this. So a couple of cameos here, from Left to Right on the second panel after Everett: Houde, Luis, and Matt B. All are members at The Comic Board, Houde and Matt B. are our only real commenters here and Luis… Continue reading #30: A Girl!

#31: Buy American

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Mike: I’m not really a big fan of Manga, mainly due to backwards reading. But I enjoyed a few animes based off mangas. One thing I really like is that most stories I know of, have endings or intends to end the story rationally. While it’s comforting to know Spider-man will always have stories, indefinite… Continue reading #31: Buy American