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Adverting Space

Adverting Space published on

Our site now includes Advertisement provided by Project Wonderful. Which is a site that allows bidding for advertisement space, the highest bidder gets the spot. All ads require our approval to run, this is jut to avoid anything too crazy.

It starts of at $0.01, theoretically you can run an ad for 5 cents a day, but then someone can out bid you and run theirs for 10 cents a day. All you have to do is click on the link underneath the ad which always displays how much you’d have to pay for the ad. Over time I may add more ad banners, but for now if you see an ad do us a favor a click on it. In short… give us money… yeah…

Also I’ve updated the about page to include a set of rules for commenting that may get updated every once in a while. We’ve had a pretty big problem with Spam so I wanted everyone to know that some words (ones you’ll probably never use) are off limits.

Also, we’ve haven’t had any inappropriate comments mainly because only 3 people have commented and they are all cool guys from The Comic Board. But I felt that it should be know we have absolute control over the comments and make no apologies for that absolute power over your free speech. That said, please comment, we always enjoy reading them.

UPDATE: Okay, so we’ve suddenly started getting comments that is solely about promoting the poster’s website. So to stop this I will spam every comment that does not refer to comic or post at hand and have a link to a website. I don’t mind people listing their websites in the appropriate box when contributing an authentic comment. But if you’re looking to promote you shoe selling or DVD review sites, we do have ad space for sale.

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