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LCS: The Complete Series

LCS: The Complete Series published on No Comments on LCS: The Complete Series

Hello, if this is your first time here this webcomic has been completed and will not have anymore updates.

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Comes to an End

Comes to an End published on No Comments on Comes to an End

Here it is, the End of LCS. What began in early 2010 finally reaches completion in mid 2021. It’s hard for me to believe it’s finally here, I spent the last decade drawing these character every week it’s going to be weird to no longer have to think of story arcs or worry about getting the page done on time. I got a taste of it as I took a break while the last batch of fillers posted before having to draw the final page. It was quite nice.

I started this comic because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to practice my drawing. Having an on going story presented a nice opportunity with a set of challenges to push me to improve while having enough re-occurring elements for me iterate and experiment with. I wish I could have spent more time on each page but after all this is a hobby and it I tried for perfection there would never had been anything resembling a schedule. Can I spend a second praising my consistency here? 11 years and I think I only didn’t post something like 3 times. Most of my late page were due to me not properly setting the publish time correctly. Yes some pages were very half assed but that was usually do to illness or some other major factor that took up my day. My point is I reliably produce something twice a week for a decade. That’s at least something, right?

With all that my art has improved significantly. I can’t believe how bad it was when I started. Apart of me wonders how much better it would be if I continued for another ten years. Still, while this comic may not have been a success the core reason behind it was. I’m happy for that. I plan on keeping this site up for as long as I can, the Storyline page is complete with all 50 chapters. The banner images in the header will rotate will all the version I have made over the years. I may even post the comic somewhere else for posterity sake. But there will be nothing new.

I guess that’s all-


Actually, one thing I meant to have ready for the end is to have a web version and a high res version of a pdf for the entire series to download. However I wanted to go over every page, fix some problems, and check for typos (which happened a lot) before creating it. Unfortunately, my real job combined with already working on this comic got in the way and I was unable to do this. I still plan on doing that but I have no timeline for it. I may also put it behind a pay wall. I do plan to get a book printed but I think that would be too expensive for anyone but me to want to spend on. If you are interested in the pdf, send an email to stating so and I will send you an email when it is ready. I will also update this section of the post with links to it once it’s finished.

Thank you all for reading.

So is that it… am I done?

All Good Things…

All Good Things… published on 1 Comment on All Good Things…

LCS will be coming to an end. I’ve made the decision to end this comic quite a while ago. Page 568: Gassed, was the last script James ever sent me. Since then I have not heard a word from him. I have no idea what happened, I assumed he got disinterested and/or very busy and quit because his frequency of writing became less and less reliable. The Llama arc was the first one fully written by me and I resolved that if he didn’t get back to me by page 600 then it would mean I was on my own. It was that point it became clear to me not if this webcomic would end, but when. Working a 9-5 with a long commute was tough when I was just drawing the comic, but having to write it too put it on the verge to being too much. I struggled to come up with plots, reduced out 4 panel layout to 3 to draw it quicker, and this comic went from being something fun to do to being a chore. I’ve thought about straight quitting once or twice. Fortunately the past year has been better, my current job offers a lot of flexibility which is nice.

I decided to start a webcomic over 10 years ago. All I had was the concept of me working at a comic shop, the image of the first page, and the opening of the Llama arc. Everything else was just a vague idea. Most of what made this comic what it is came from James without him it would have been nothing. Back then I had the thought of “It would be nice to make to 1,000 pages, which would be a good achievement to go out on.” So that’s my goal, 100 pages to go which will be a little over a year’s time. Putting a set ending help everything go much smoother. I could pace out exactly how future story arcs and be writing towards something rather than spinning my wheels. I know how I would like the series to end and have been making my way towards it. There may be a few extra stuff after page #1,000, including possibly James’ lost unfinished story arc. The final page will be a splash page titled “LCS: The Complete series”. I may also do some retrospectives in the blog as this year goes by, behind the scenes info, character creation/breakdowns, etc.

I never had much hope for the comic to become a break out success. While it would have been nice if this became popular I knew it wouldn’t do to my lack being able to promote anything. Still if you know people who may like the webcomic send them a link, post your favorite page on social media, make meme out of the panels, or whatever (See? Very bad at self promoting). It’ll be sad to no longer have this comic part of my life and I’m sure I’ll fine a new creative outlet, but for now I’m looking forward to getting my Monday and Thursday nights back.

Here’s to 1,000 pages!

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