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From Kirby To Jesus

From Kirby To Jesus published on No Comments on From Kirby To Jesus

Mike: So my wrist is now at 100%, normal pages should resume on Friday. For our final filler I’m giving you a look into the earlier days of LCS. Back before James gave up any idea of ever have a buffer with the comics and I was actually clued into what was gonna happen with the story I decided to make concepts for characters to discuss wit James. Among the original cast in James’ initial pitch (Beck, Mickey, Ed, Everett, Grace, Katie, and Don) was a pot dealer named Kirby. So since I had the time I decided to try and design the character well before he’s introduced. V.1 was a very stereotypical drug dealer design and I was not happy with it. Then I decided to try the complete opposite, so V.2.1 was a character designed to be very timely, efficient, and well dressed basically the opposite of every pot dealer I’ve seen in media. I based him off Michael Weston from Burn Notice and sent both designs to James. James liked the idea of V.2.1 but asked if I could make him heavier because he originally intended Kirby to look like someone he knows. Then as we came closer to Chapter 8 James decided to change Kirby’s character to someone else he knows. A person who is always talking philosophy, thus V.3 was based of Jacob from Lost with long hair and sun glasses. Then the moment I received the script for Page 86 the first thing he wrote was “Here’s 86. I decided to go another way with the dealer. A REALLY different way” So he scrapped everything and just made him Jesus, I took the V.3 design and made it more Jesus-y and the rest is history.

X-Men Saves the Day!

X-Men Saves the Day! published on No Comments on X-Men Saves the Day!

Mike: Basically it, a tiny bone where it shouldn’t be messing shit up. Doctor said I can pretty much start drawing again just let “pain be my guide” on when I should stop. I’d like to take another week off or take it slow since there it still swelling and pain. But hopefully I’ll be ready to draw on the regular soon.

Also I saw X-Men: Apocalypse and it was pretty great. Some parts weren’t as great, Apocalypse himself was bit lack luster, but still not bad. It had a lot of fun fan service moments which I won’t spoil here, but was certainly a treat to see on screen. It definitely felt the most like an actual X-men comic than previous films which made it really enjoyable to me. Definitely worth checking out.

Right Hand, Wrong Time

Right Hand, Wrong Time published on No Comments on Right Hand, Wrong Time

Mike: Okay, so that’s my right hand and what you can’t tell from the x-ray is that it’s all fucked up. I have been diagnosed with tendinitis and all I can draw, is pain. So I currently have no idea how long it will be until I  can draw again. I will be trying to find some guest artist and as stated before, anyone can send their own strips and fan art to and it may be posted on this site.

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