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Filler: Crissy

Filler: Crissy published on No Comments on Filler: Crissy

Mike: Sorry about the Filler today, I’m a bit under the weather (aka sick as shit). So I can’t draw today’s page. Luckily I’ve had a filler prepared for just such an occasion. Crissy is a friend of mine who wanted to appear in the comic so here she is. She may appear in background of future crowds. That’s right if you want to have a cameo all you have to do is ask (it saves me time of having to make up people).

James: Hi, Crissy.

Grant Morrison Wins The Universe

Grant Morrison Wins The Universe published on No Comments on Grant Morrison Wins The Universe

Mike: Unfortunately my computer is still down, I’ve gotten someone to fix it and it should be up an running this weekend. I considered drawing today’s strip on paper but James’ script was a little much for me to draw with a pen and pencil and get it to a quality I like, I rely heavy on crtl + z (undo). Plus I couldn’t think of anything better. So in the mean time I figure you can enjoy a large version of the background comic book: Grant Morrison Wins the Universe. Better than nothing, right? … I want my computer back.

James: I want to read this comic.

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