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#600: Solo Act

#600: Solo Act published on No Comments on #600: Solo Act

Mike: Yeah, so I haven’t heard from James since May. Not sure what’s up with him but I gave page 600 as a deadline for him to return. If I get no script from him I’m going to continue the story on my own, disregarding what he may have had planned (because I don’t know what that is). On the one hand this is easy on me since I don’t have to worry about interrupting the story when I don’t receive a script on time. On the other it’s a lot more work for me to do also I really like reading his scripts when they came because it was like I was a fan not knowing what’s ahead and enjoying the story as it comes. James is welcomed back at anytime, I have and always will consider this comic half his. Okay now onto writing the next story arc which will be-what the fuck am I going to write about!?

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