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#2: Screwed

#2: Screwed published on No Comments on #2: Screwed

Mike: People using their time to build something constructive, don’t you just hate them?

James: I worked a hardware store gig for a few months before I left for college. An odd choice for employment considering my complete lack of hardware know-how, but not a terrible gig. It is the only job I’ve ever been fired from though. Here’s a free piece of advice from the good people at LCS, never show up to work severely hung over, reeking of booze with curse words written in marker on your hands.

#1: The LCS

#1: The LCS published on No Comments on #1: The LCS

Mike: Being a fellow unemployed individual in this market, I sympathize with you Beck.

James: Me three! This is weeeeiiiiiird.

I’ve been reading comics for over 5 years now. I’ve never heard a “Who’d win in a fight, X or Y?” argument in any comic shop. And yet, this seems to be what every non-comic fan thinks goes on there. I wonder why that is.

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