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#39: I’m Sorry, Mrs. Parker

#39: I’m Sorry, Mrs. Parker published on No Comments on #39: I’m Sorry, Mrs. Parker

Mike: Personally I don’t like making fun of Mrs. Parker’s looks mainly because that’s just mean. I mean as far as I know she’s not a bad person so why make fun of something she can’t help. Just usually seems poor taste, but here I think the Beta Ray Bill thing is dead on.

James: Cheap shot, I know. I’m ok with that.

#38: The Meaning of Friendship

#38: The Meaning of Friendship published on No Comments on #38: The Meaning of Friendship

Mike: I used to work at a movie rental place and now it’s shut down due to extreme amount of employees stealing. Or at least I think that’s what happened.

James: Me and my friends spent a whole summer torturing each other with movies we knew the others would hate. We came up with a system of rules and declared winners and losers based on who had visibly suffered the most that night. It became a bit too competitive and we ended up having to put an end to the game. Which is too bad because I was getting a lot of wins after they ran out of Robin Williams movies. God, I fucking hate him.

Anyway, I don’t know what Beck’s bitching about though. Wuthering Heights stars Timothy “I’m-the-third-best-Bond-ever” Dalton.

Unless they watched the 1992 Ralph “I-pronounce-my-name-Reif” Fiennes version. Then I get it.

#37: Level Grinding

#37: Level Grinding published on No Comments on #37: Level Grinding

Mike: Ooh, a mystery! My money’s on secret agent. In other news, I’m whoring out our website, there are now 3 more ad spaces to buy.

James: I’m a big fan of Dini, but Sirens isn’t something I’m remotely interested in.

And those fucking embarrassing T&A covers don’t help.

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