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#22: Obliviousness Is Next To Godliness

#22: Obliviousness Is Next To Godliness published on No Comments on #22: Obliviousness Is Next To Godliness

James: I like that Grace checks Beck out in panel 3. That’s a nice touch by Mike that wasn’t in the script I sent him.

Mike: I am damn good. Hmm, I wonder if Grace is going to become a main character? Also what the hell happened to Ed’s coffee at the end?


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Main Cast

Beck Martin Beck
The lead character of our tale. Beck has recently graduated from college and he’s living in an apartment with his best friend and ex girlfriend (how sitcom-ish!). With no luck finding a job in his chosen field Beck falls ass backwards into a job at the Local Comic Shop(LCS, get it?), almost as if it were destined to be.
Ed Ed Adams
Beck’s best friend and roommate. Ed’s carefree attitude and lack of anything resembling shame or common sense invariably lead him and his friends into wacky schemes and idiotic stunts. He also has a fondness for wear costumes
Mickey Michiko “Mickey” Tezuka
Beck’s lesbian ex-girlfriend who came out of the closet mid-coitus. The two have maintained a strong friendship and now live together. Unlike Beck, she is still a senior in college.
Everett Everett Williams
The Randall to Beck’s Dante. Everett is Beck’s vitriolic coworker at The Stack. Always ready to voice his opinion and sling insults when he deems necessary. It’s ALWAYS necessary.
Grace Grace Perez
The girl from the Local Coffee Shop (Hey LCS that works too) who falls for Ed’s buffoonery and becomes his special lady friend.
Katie Katie Eisner
The daughter of the Stack’s former owner. What she lack in comic book knowledge she makes up for by being business savvy and a tough employer.


Supporting Characters

Don Eisner
BobBob Bob’s Wife
Nathan Houde
Neil Neil
Erin Adams
Professor Whiskers


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