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#86: Our Lord and Dealer

#86: Our Lord and Dealer published on No Comments on #86: Our Lord and Dealer

James: That’s right, I wrote Jesus into the webcomic as a pot dealer. How long until I am smote by a just and righteous lord?

We’ll find out soon.

Mike: So that’s where he’s been. And Don’t worry James, I’m catholic so we should be cool. At the very least it buys us a couple more weeks before damnation.

#85: Employee of the Month

#85: Employee of the Month published on No Comments on #85: Employee of the Month

Mike: I stop caring about Marvel’s events a long time ago. Because they’re all the same and after seeing how the status quo has “changed forever” seven times in the past five years they ultimately just fall flat. It’s just pointless for me to even try to show interest in Fear Itself.

James: Ditto.

#84: A Very Special Episode

#84: A Very Special Episode published on No Comments on #84: A Very Special Episode

Mike: Remember kids, peer pressure always works. So it’s no use trying to fight it.

James: This could also be the start of a Lifetime movie. With Ed as the bad influence on the innocent and naive Grace that her brave, single mother has to save her from.

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