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Filler: Statues

Filler: Statues published on No Comments on Filler: Statues

Didn’t feel like drawing after work, so I spent almost as much time putting this together. Apparently I didn’t save the final updates on the original large drawing of each statue. You’ll notice a Superman with an error for a face, When I was adjust the size of the head photoshop said “fuck you” and that happened. I left it in because of how bizarre it is. So the idea of the shop having statues goes all the way back when Bob was first introduced. I always wanted to include the statue case more often but never had the time to fully flesh it out, in fact I kept the poses very simple so I can crank them out. I also re-did the Doom statues from this page.

#778: Call a Police and a Fireman

#778: Call a Police and a Fireman published on No Comments on #778: Call a Police and a Fireman

So the past few pages are based on my inner thoughts, last week I sat behind this beautiful woman and the entire train ride I kept coming up with more and more elaborate ways to describe how gorgeous she was. And none of them did her justice.

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