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Can you guess what each cover is referencing to/originated from?

Filler: A Closer Look

Filler: A Closer Look published on No Comments on Filler: A Closer Look

Mike: Okay so I had a busy day that ended with a family member going to the emergency room. Everything’s fine but as a result I am unable to have today’s page ready in time. So I decided to give a closer look at all of the background comic art. Everything was created by me; some were from other projects, some were things I did for fun, some are things I already did for this webcomic, and some I made specially for the background art. One day when I have the time I may update this.

It’s times like these I wish I have a guest artist to make a page. Still I hope you enjoy this close up.

Go see it.

#416: Did you get the Dick Message?

#416: Did you get the Dick Message? published on 2 Comments on #416: Did you get the Dick Message?

Mike: Guardians of the Galaxy is a fantastic movie. Probably the funniest movies I’ve seen in years, but still has amazing action and drama that’s perfectly balanced. Filled to the brim with mind bending amounts of references and really blows wide open the doors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From beginning to end it’s a great movie, some people were disappointed in the post credit scene but I thought it was hysterical. This is the type of movie that makes you think, “Why can’t all movies be this good?” This film, is a must see.

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