Anime rules are slipping into this reality. Next week giant sweatdrops of embarrassment.

#306: Sneeze


Mike: Well after 8 seasons, How I Met Your Mother finally showed the mother’s face. I applaud their ability to hold off on that reveal for 8 seasons. Kudos.

James: And I admonish them for dredging up the Ted/Robin subplot AGAIN. Seriously, guys?

Yes, you can.

#305: Rude Monkey

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Mike: So I saw Iron Man 3, it was great though I gotta say I’m a bit conflicted on the Mandarin. On the one hand it was kind of a let down, on the other it was freaking brilliant! Otherwise an awesome flick through and through.

James: Loved the twist. Loved it. Thought it was brilliant and it provided some of the movie’s best moments. The rest of the movie was pretty awesome too.