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#57: The Daily Grind

#57: The Daily Grind published on 1 Comment on #57: The Daily Grind

Mike: The grass is always greener, there’s equal amount of frustration on both sides of that counter. Also I think it’s just helps to bitch about your job no matter how great it is. It’s a healthy thing to do to get through the irritating crap you have to put up with. Though sometimes customers are just retarded and as a former employee of a video rental place I can vouch for that.

James: I’m sure there are people who like Hawkman. There pretty much has to be, right?


#56: The Duck

#56: The Duck published on No Comments on #56: The Duck

Mike: And a what? And a What?!?!? I guess you should always get your oaths in writing, specially with a blabber mouth like Ed.

Also I have notice we’ve been getting advertisements from Fullmetal Alchemist! Which happens to be one of my favorite tv series(though not a fan for FMA: Brotherhood yet) so needless to say my life feels complete. So if you want to support this milestone or learn what hell Fullmetal Alchemist is please click the link if you see it.

James: You will never know the story of The Duck. And let me tell you, it is EPIC.


#55: Outside Roommate

#55: Outside Roommate published on 1 Comment on #55: Outside Roommate

Mike: Some of you may be wondering “Why don’t they just go to Everett’s place?” Well Beck’s place is walking distance from the Stack while Everett needs a car. They may drink on the job, but they’ll never drink and drive cause they’re semi responsible adults. “Then why don’t they just sleep at the Stack?” … Shut up.

James: Indeed. Shut your hole, smartypants.

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