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Greetings True Believers

Greetings True Believers published on No Comments on Greetings True Believers

And Bored people alike to the new Webcomic LCS. A comic about a man working at a comic book shop.

Whoa wait? A comic that takes place in a comic store? How meta.

Indeed random line of text. So on March 2nd 2010 (Hey that’s my half birthday) Enjoy this brand new comic that releases every Tuesday and Friday.

Creator Contact

Creator Contact published on
Cast-James James MitchellThe Writer of LCS. James Mitchell is an unemployed English grad with no recognizable job skills whatsoever. When he found out that he and Mike shared an interest in starting a webcomic about print comics an unlikely partnership was formed.
Cast-Mike Michael Weiss
The Artist of LCS. Mike Weiss is a currently unemployed graphic designer, with skills in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and just about anything Adobe. Since he has all this wonderful free time he decided to hone in his drawing skills. And thus his role in LCS was

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