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#45: Porn Strip the Third

#45: Porn Strip the Third published on No Comments on #45: Porn Strip the Third

Mike: So the race is now on to find out which images I used to trace! On the subject of tracing. I don’t care that Land uses references, but if it’s not a homage or a parody(like here), he should need permission to use that in a commercial product. If he doesn’t get that permission than he’s basically stealing other people’s work.

James: Mike knocked this one out of the park. This page has no punchline without the art in that 4th panel. Rock on, Mike!

Now, let’s talk Greg Land. Setting aside the ethics of tracing other people’s intellectual properties and the silliness of Marvel paying someone good money to copy a page out of some woman’s magazine or porno mag, the art just isn’t very good. His work is downright distracting and it has ruined more than a few otherwise decent stories for me. If it’s not good and it’s not original, what the hell good is it?

#43: Porn Strip

#43: Porn Strip published on No Comments on #43: Porn Strip

Mike: So with this strip I realized I had forgotten Ed’s cast for the past two times he’s appeared. So while extremely tired and pushing through to finish today’s page I put them in when necessary. Then right after I finish, I realized I put them on the wrong arm.

James: Is it weird that I know exactly what kind of porn all of my characters would watch?

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