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#43: Porn Strip

#43: Porn Strip published on No Comments on #43: Porn Strip

Mike: So with this strip I realized I had forgotten Ed’s cast for the past two times he’s appeared. So while extremely tired and pushing through to finish today’s page I put them in when necessary. Then right after I finish, I realized I put them on the wrong arm.

James: Is it weird that I know exactly what kind of porn all of my characters would watch?

#42: Unignorable

#42: Unignorable published on No Comments on #42: Unignorable

Mike: Anyone who has done this to me no longer have ears, let that be a warning to the rest of you…

James: I airhorned a graduation ceremony once. It turns out people fucking hate those things and will glare at you till you leave if you make them miss their kid’s name being called.

The more you know.

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