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#779: JK Simmering

#779: JK Simmering published on No Comments on #779: JK Simmering

True Story.
So I was walking out of work today and so happen I was exiting the lobby at the same time as JK Simmons. I did about 20 double takes and while I being “that guy” I had to make sure it was him so this comic is pretty much exactly what happened and boy, he was not in the mood to talk to anyone, didn’t even look at me. I don’t blame him, he looked like he was having a terrible day. I could see he was probably just finished traveling and was trying to get a rented apartment all set and the last thing he wants to do is chat with some douche walking by. Still it was really cool and gave me something to draw today, though I wish I could draw him better.

Filler: Statues

Filler: Statues published on No Comments on Filler: Statues

Didn’t feel like drawing after work, so I spent almost as much time putting this together. Apparently I didn’t save the final updates on the original large drawing of each statue. You’ll notice a Superman with an error for a face, When I was adjust the size of the head photoshop said “fuck you” and that happened. I left it in because of how bizarre it is. So the idea of the shop having statues goes all the way back when Bob was first introduced. I always wanted to include the statue case more often but never had the time to fully flesh it out, in fact I kept the poses very simple so I can crank them out. I also re-did the Doom statues from this page.

#778: Call a Police and a Fireman

#778: Call a Police and a Fireman published on No Comments on #778: Call a Police and a Fireman

So the past few pages are based on my inner thoughts, last week I sat behind this beautiful woman and the entire train ride I kept coming up with more and more elaborate ways to describe how gorgeous she was. And none of them did her justice.

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